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Music therapy is a clinical and evidence-based approach to wellness with a foundation built upon the skillful and mindful use of music within a trusting therapeutic relationship. 

Koru Music Therapy specializes in enhancing the aging process, hospice and palliative care, grief & loss, and support for healthcare workers.

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A sound bath, also referred to as sound healing, sound meditation, sound therapy, or sound journey, uses vibration and frequency to shift energies, detoxify, restore and transport. I use quartz crystal bowls, voice and sometimes other sound makers to facilitate balance, calm, recharge, and unblock. The bowls I use are 100% quartz crystal and tuned to 440hz, thus their vibrations are powerful and the experience is holistic.  You will feel parts of yourself you didn't know existed! This sound immersion experience can open neural pathways and lead to creativityinsight, relaxation and bliss. Individual and group session available.

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The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) is a music-centered consciousness expanding approach to transformational therapy that employs selected sequences of classical music to support the movement through inner experiences. In GIM, the music serves as a catalyst and container for imagery that allows one to access and explore both the depths and the heights of the human experience.

The typical GIM session begins with a preliminary conversation during which the therapist/guide assesses the mood and energy level of the client/traveler, explores current issues, and selects the music program for the session. The client is then invited to recline and the therapist offers suggestions for relaxing the body and focusing the mind in preparation for the music. Once the music begins, the guide does not make suggestions. Instead, the traveler takes the guide along on their journey by describing the experience as it unfolds. The guide's role is one of facilitator and witness, to support the traveler's engagement with whatever experience may come. After the 35-45 minute period of music, the therapist facilitates a return to waking consciousness, and the client and therapist review the session together, verbally, as well as through expressive art experiences, such as mandala.

GIM in short terms:

  • connects the conscious to the unconscious

  • stimulates the intuition and the creative potential

  • activates our innate capacity for healing and transformation

  • provides encouragement to get through difficult emotions and life situations and carries the client through the heights and depths of an experience

  • helps to reduce fears and anxieties

  • reduces stress and enhances a state of well-being

  • allows unresolved issues to surface and helps to remove mental and emotional blocks


I am currently in advanced level training and am offering free sessions to fulfill my requirements. Virtually and safely in person.


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Hi Friends, I'm Marlo!


For as long as memory serves me, music has been my main connection to self, others, the world, and the universe. Music is a force and holds powers beyond what we can even comprehend. It has helped me through my most challenging times and has allowed me to transform pain into beauty and purpose. I am grateful that I carved a path where I can be in music and sound everyday, with myself and others.

After many years of being disconnected from my body, I discovered yoga along my life journey and found that it also holds powers so deep that the practice becomes a lifelong lesson.

I have also worked as a healer in end of life care for over a decade.  The wisdom and perspective I have gleaned from my elders, and from being a part of this rite of passage, has had profound spiritual impact on how I live everyday, as well as enhancing my interactions with others.

For me, music, yoga and personal spirituality have made strong connections in my life, and I can only hope that my intentions to spread the light that encompasses all will be received, and also shared.


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Marlo Smith

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